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Our Therapists

Danielle Palmer, Owner, LPCC

My experience has led me to individuals who struggle with grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, and anger-related issues. I also work with people who suffer from addiction and problems related to their substance use. Apart from working with individuals one-on-one, my time spent working with couples in relationship/marriage counseling has focused on communication, conflict, infidelity, parenting, and intimacy.

My approach to counseling is collaborative, as I first focus on creating a strong, trusting therapeutic relationship. I will work with you to identify goals and address the barriers that are preventing you from reaching them. We will look at the decisions/choices you’ve made and compare them to what you actually want for your life.

I view your world from a holistic perspective- acknowledging that people are made up of many parts and are affected by many factors. Working with me, you will see that my treatment is intentional and focused, while also being supportive and encouraging. If you think we seem like a good fit, I await the opportunity to hear from you.

Danielle Palmer, Owner of Intentional Wellness Counseling Services

Danielle is independently licensed in the state of Kentucky and  receives clinical supervision from Carla Seemann, LPCC-S, LICDC-S for the state of Ohio

Emilie McCaffrey, LPC, LPCA

Hello! My name is Emilie McCaffrey. I know that life can often feel overwhelming, and it may be
difficult to know where to start in getting help. I am hopeful that we can take those first steps
together and work towards finding balance and navigating your experiences.

My therapeutic approach is person-centered and focuses on acceptance and commitment modalities, rooted in embracing thoughts and feelings rather than fighting against them. I strive to create a caring, safe environment where my clients can be free to explore who they are and
what changes they would like to welcome into their lives.

I work with a variety of mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, anger, chronic stress, low self-esteem and coping with significant life changes. I work with individuals, couples and have a special passion for working with adolescents and young adults. 


I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you!

Emilie McCaffrey, therapist at Intentional Wellness Counseling

Emilie is dependently licensed in both Ohio and Kentucky. She receives clinical supervision from Carla Seemann, LPCC-S, LICDC-S.

Carla Seemann, LPCC-S, LICDC-S

Hello! My name is Carla and I’m the Supervisor at Intentional Wellness Counseling. I offer clinical supervision to any therapist seeking independent licensure at this practice. I am licensed in both Kentucky and Ohio and have been endorsed by both states to provide clinical supervision. 

My 30 years of experience has come from many different clinical environments (EAP programs, hospital programs, chemical dependency treatment programs, psychiatric practice, medical practice, private mental health practice). Additionally, I am adjunct faculty at XU in the Clinical Mental Health and Counseling master's program and have my independent chemical dependency license.

I offer both individual and group supervision services at this practice and would love to add you to the mix! Danielle will get us in contact with one another if the need is there. 

Carla Seemann, Supervisor at Intentional Wellness Counseling
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