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Common Symptoms

  • Excessive, constant worry

  • Experiencing panic attacks

  • Pounding heart

  • Obsessive and intrusive thoughts

  • Restless or feeling on edge

  • Easily fatiqued

  • Muscle tension

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Nightmares


All of us experience some level of anxiety from time to time. We know what worry and concern feel like-life comes with many experiences that cause them. Although it is relatable to many, it may be even stronger for you. Your experience of anxiety may be much more intense, come with more symptoms, and negatively impact your life beyond a feeling of worry.



If these symptoms are something you’re struggling with, I’d love to help. Clinical anxiety is hard to work through alone, but it can get better. If you’re ready to begin, give me a call or set up an appointment now. 

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