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Why seek therapy to deal with my anger?

  • You struggle to acknowledge or express your anger verbally

  • Have trouble recognizing triggers

  • Don’t understand where the level of your anger has come from- experiences or people in your life that may influence your current patterns of aggression

  • Inability to control outbursts/ temper

  • Your relationship with others is suffering because of your anger

  • Struggle to develop relaxation techniques or coping tools to manage anger

  • Believe you are your own worst enemy; negative self-talk


Anger is a “normal” emotion- it’s okay to feel it. In fact, I think it’s impossible to never feel angry. Working on your anger isn’t about eliminating it from your life. Instead, I work with my clients on their anger when they need to reduce the frequency and intensity of it and/or the consequences from how they handle their anger.


If anger has influenced your life to the extent that you relate to these areas, I encourage you to give me a call. I’d love to help you manage what can be a very normal emotion ad reduce the impact it is having on your life. Call now or book a session to get started.

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