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Talking Thirty

Enrolling Now!

This group is a good fit for women around the age of 25-35 (with flexibility, of course). Our Moment for Moms group is a great space for these women if they have taken on the role of motherhood, but many women around this age haven’t. Some may never intend to, some may be trying, or some hope to explore motherhood in the future. That’s where this group comes in!


Talking Thirty will explore topics similar to our other women’s group, but it will focus on fitting the women’s lifestyle at the present moment. We will discuss mental health, relationships, sex, friendships, body-image, vulnerability, and anything else the women feel connected to. 

We’re happy to help you decide which group would be best for you. Just fill out the registration below so we can give you a call!

When and How Often Do We Meet?

This group runs on an 8-week cycle for 90 minutes. ​Group is enrolling now for Fridays from 11am-1230pm


We’ll meet in-person at either our Rookwood/Norwood location or the Florence office

$50/ group session ($50/ week for 8 weeks)


To get started, add your name to the waitlist using the form below. We’ll reach out to you shortly to answer any questions and help finalize the registration process.
If you’re interested in the group, but would need a specific time/date, please let us know in the message portion of the form and we'll contact you soon!


Where Do We Meet?

How Much Does It Cost?

What's The First Step?

Register Below!

Please send us any questions about the "Talking Thirty" Group! If you're ready to sign up, but need a different time/day, let us know some better options and we'll reach out soon! Also, if there's a group you hope to see offered soon, please let us know:)

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